Investment in the future

In order to remain competitive and be able to meet the customers’ demands, GBZ Mannheim® decided towards the end of 2015 to invest in an additional machine. The decision to augment the machine park by a fully automatic 5-axis grinding machine with robot-assisted loading and unloading from the company Haas Schleifmaschinen GmbH was implemented on 11 January 2016. This investment will make it possible to explore new avenues in product optimization and include new products in our product portfolio.


Machine data:


Haas CU


Workpiece size
  • Diameter  
  180 mm
  • Length   
  300 mm
  • Maximum workpiece weight    
  120 kg


Operational range 
  • X axis           
      630 mm 
  • Y axis  
      465 mm
  • Z axis
      630 mm
  • C axis
  • X3 auxiliary axis (optional) 
      150 mm


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