Cable Preparation Tools for Bulgaria

At GBZ Precision Tools we develop, design and manufacture special tools for various applications. One product is for the preparation and installation of electrical power cables. These cables are for the distribution of electricity by medium-voltage networks with electrical voltages of about 10,000 to 30,000 volts, with cross sections from 25 up to 800 mm².

Especially in this area of power transmission, underground cables are very often used in order to guarantee the regular supply of electricity power. In comparison to the overhead line network, laying the cables underground is more complex, but much less fragile to failure. Cable Tools from GBZ Precision Tools are used worldwide for the installation of medium-voltage cables, the jointing of connecting sleeves and the plug-in mounting of the transfer points at the switchgear stations for power utilities.


Cable Cutter GB-M20


The structure of a medium voltage cable is more complex and extensive compared to the standard 230 volt cable which we all knew. Around the aluminum or copper conductor is the core insulation made of VPE (cross-linked polyethylene) with an inner and outer extruded semi-conductive layer. Above is a protective shield of copper wires and the main protective sheath. In particular, the process to remove the outer conductive layer must be made very carefully to avoid possible cavities ore other damages on the surface. Otherwise this could cause serious troubles or even complete failures of the cable networks. Time-killing and expensive repairs will be the result.



The Cable Peeling Tool GB-P20 is specially designed for the need to remove bonded screen layers. This Semi-conductive screen removal tool is for the preparation of medium voltage cables with a diameter between ø 10 - 50 mm. These tools are used at the location of the cable jointing process. Whether at construction sites in the city center, in- house installations or outside in the field for the assembly of connecting sleeves or the plug-in assembly.


Cable Peeling Tool GB-P20


In Germany and many other countries of Central Europe, the VPE medium voltage cable has become a basic part of the power grids for more than 20 years and has proven its reliability and capacity during this period. Other countries, such as in Southeastern Europe are now increasingly involved in the expansion and optimization of their power grids and have even a higher demand. The use of these new cable technologies and the professional installation with cable tools from GBZ offers the possibility to minimize technological power losses during energy transmission. In Germany, these losses are even less than 10 %.

Currently, GBZ Precision Tools is completing an order of 120 items Cable Peeling Tools GB-P20 for our Bulgarian distributor. After assembly and functional check with approval, these devices for the removal process of semi-conductive layers will be shipped to Bulgaria. Further distribution partners of GBZ Cable Preparation Tools in Southeastern Europe are also located in former Yugoslavia, such countries as Croatia and Serbia.


Günter Riedl, 12th December 2017

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