Peeling tools…

…for safe and controlled peeling-off of the bonded outer conductive layer.


Controlled peeling-off of cables with a diameter of 10-50 mm, the thickness stripped can be freely adjusted to obtain a clean final cut.

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Peeling tool for safe peeling-off of the bonded conductive layer. Even oval shapes can be scraped neatly by using a spring package.

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GB-DS1 (16-42 mm)
GB-DS2 (34-60 mm)


The classic! Perfect peeling-off even without using silicone paste.

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Special tool for small insulation diameters in order to achieve optimum results also in the triangular area of 3-core cables.

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Longitudinal peeling of the bonded semicon screen of cables with a triangle profiled cross section.

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GBZ Mannheim
GmbH & Co.KG